Sitemap - 2023 - Ill-Defined Space

Revisiting 2023 Space Industry Activities

The Trolley Problem: GPS Used for Good and Bad

Amazon’s Small Reality-Check: Kuiper Launches With SpaceX

Earth Observation Security Policy: 1-Yard Dam in a 10-Mile-Wide River

Until the Cows Come Home: PNT Replaces Fences and Shepherds

Hyperbole or Reality: Reusable Rockets & i-Space’s Hyperbola-2

Satellite Manufacturing: Russian Space Industry Goals

“The Weirdest Delusion”--Smallsat Market Incongruities and Changes

The Call is Coming from Inside the House! SDA and the DoD

The Other Space Race: China and India

Commercial Human Spaceflight: Innovation and Safety

A Tale of Two Launch Contracts: Kuiper and Telesat

Upcoming Changes to Ill-Defined Space

Startups+Alternative Propellant=Green Revolution?

A U.S. Space Industry Resource Worth Referencing–the BEA

ULA and Launch Industry Structure Changes

USSF Intelligence: China on Its Mind for the Wrong Reasons?

Charts, Perceptions, Reality: China’s Rockets

Kuipersats Will Be Ready, But What About the Rockets?

Does Adding One More Competitor Help National Security Space Launch?

Indian Space Startups: More Growth Required

A Different Kind of Growth In Spacecraft Deployments

Dedicated Smallsat Launch: Boosting the Market?

More GuoWong: Puzzling Optimistic Numbers

Ample Capacity and Monopoly Markets: the U.S. Space Launch Paradox

Cajole or Construct? Two Pathways to New Rockets

U.S. Space Force: Know Thyself?

Smallsats: Commercial Shift Spurs Growing Ecosystem

Space Zombie Statistics: The Industry of Data Reanimation

Galileo Goes Rocket-Shopping

Opportunities from the New Indian Space Policy?

Amazon Kuiper: More Than LEO Broadband

The Space Development Agency: So Far, So Good

Staying the Course: U.S. National LEO R&D Strategy

The Realities of Launch vs. Unreasonable Expectations

The Office of Space Commerce: Coming to Terms with Space Operations

National Security Space Launch: Phase Trois

GuoWong: China SatNet’s Answer to Starlink?

Behind in the Space Race: U.S. Military vs. U.S. Space Industry

AstroForge’s Asteroid Business: The Same, but Different?

Follow-Up: Ukraine and Arianespace

Arianespace: The Only Fish in the Pond (and Keeping It That Way)

Imbalance of Space Power: Russia and Ukraine

India’s Space EO/RS Denied: Intentions and Process

Space Industry Opportunities and Follies

Reviewing Some 2022 Space Industry Trends