Sitemap - 2022 - Ill-Defined Space

Revisiting a Few 2022 Space Industry Activities

Virgin Orbit and the CAA: A Cry for Harry Tuttle?

The End of the Beginning of the End (of Expensive Satellites)

SLS, Orion, Artemis: Mind the Gap

Space Exploration Obstacles and “Miracle” Solutions

Mass, Frequency, Reliability: Comparing 2022 China and U.S. Launches

The Cake is a Lie: Europe’s Ariane 6 Delays

Indian Launch Industry: OneWeb Provides a Big Hint

The Moat in DoD’s Eye: Starlink, DIU, and Innovation

Russian Positioning, Navigation, and Timing: GLONASS and Mexico

Phantom Space: Running with the Crowd?

The Michigan Launch Initiative: The Road Traveled Too Often

A Learning Opportunity: Blue Origin’s New Shepard Failure

Effective Communications: Satellite Orbital Safety Best Practices

Mixed Message: State of the Space Industrial Base 2022

OroraTech’s Business: Is There a Market?

Positioning, Navigation, Timing: a Segment Ready for Commercialization?

Space Domain Awareness: Moving Towards Global and Commercial Needs

Euclid’s Choice: A Dilemma Facing Other Space Operators

When Words Get in the Way: ARCA Space’s White Paper

Third Mover Disadvantage: ArianeGroup & Reusability

SDA’s Nudge Exposes Legacy Challenges

Pretense of Competition: U.S. National Security Space Launch

Driving Innovation Away: SpaceX and Its Culture Problem

Missed Opportunities? Space and the Human Body

Chasing Dreams: SNC and Spirit Defense and Space

China: Starlink Obsession

Boeing’s Successful Starliner Flight Test: And Then??

Astra’s Rocket Spin

Compromised Capabilities: Smallsats As Tools, not Cornerstones

Starlink, China, and Upset Plans

Pythom’s Risky Business: The Ethics of Safely Testing Rockets

Bernie Sanders’ and NASA’s Spending

U.S. Space Industry’s Perennial Problem

One Symposium Trend: Smallsat manufacturing

Amazon Project Kuiper: Enabler of Fictional Rockets?

Starlink and the Future Battlefield

Single Point of Failure: When All Launches Lead to SpaceX

Bluster II: the Breakup

How Bazaar!

Iran’s Launch Troubles (Is a Commercial Solution Possible?)

The Potential Horror and Devastation of Progress

General Atomics’ LINCS; Wyler’s New Satellite Constellation

European LEO Broadband: feasible but unrealistic?

Radian’s Laden Spaceplane; A LEO Economy?

Astra’s Challenges; Loft Orbital Goes Bigger

Amazon’s Digital Assistant in Space; Florida Men Devise a Cunning Plan

“Good Question!”