Sitemap - 2021 - Ill-Defined Space

Examining 2021 Space Industry Trends

China’s Space Progress Twice U.S. Rate? More Money=More Innovation

Astra’s Launch, Its Market(s); Musk’s Interview and Management

Right ‘round About Spinlaunch and Rocket Lab’s Latest Acquisition

Project Kuiper’s Imaginary Rocket, Astra Space’s Broadband Distraction

Starship and the Gatekeepers of Mars

More Commercial Space Stations: Examining the Orbital Reef Announcement

Varda Space Industries’ Logical Choice; Blue Origin’s Unhappy Workforce

3Q21 Spacecraft Deployment Review

3Q21 Orbital Space Launch Review

State Wildfires and DoD Infrared Satellites

Bored With Inspiration4 (and Why That’s Great)

No Rockets, No Fly: ULA’s Weird Predicament

What’s Rad in the Suborbital Spaceflight Business?

NASA and USSF: It’s a Hard-Space Life For Us...

Counting the Days of Amazon and Blue Origin

Musings About: SpaceX and Swarm Technologies

Containerization and Cargo Ships (or, why The Launch is Too Damn High)

The Disrupted Disruptor: Viasat, Starlink, and New Space

Sincerely and With Great Respect: Bezos Makes NASA an Offer

Focus On: Virgin Galactic's Wild Ride--Future of Spaceflight or Fair Ride?

2Q21 Spacecraft Deployment Review

2Q21 Orbital Space Launch Review

Astra Projection: Examining Astra’s Apollo Fusion Acquisition

Into the Gap Analysis (of a space company)

The Russian Tantrum and Threat

Disruption Or Dissonance? Relativity Space

Focus On: ULA's Challenges, Part 3

Focus On: ULA’s Challenges, Part 2

Running out of (Reliable) Rockets

Focus On: ULA’s Challenges, Part 1

Building the Space Force on a Sandy Foundation

Starship Clones and More Thoughts about ISS Commercialization

Questions about the Commercial Space Industry’s Future (and some answers)

1Q21 Spacecraft Deployment Review

1Q21 Orbital Space Launch Review

Space Sector Suppliers: Too Little, Too Long?

Hardware is Not Software: Marketing Mixups in EO/RS and Launch

Thinking About: Rocket Lab’s About-Face

DoD Dreams of Grandeur and Influence in Commercial Space

Focus On: ClimaCell’s Business and Weather Constellation

Virgin Galactic’s Fumble

Commercial Space and its Slugworths: A Lack of Pure Imagination

Focus on: U.S. Launch Markets & the CEO’s Lament

Focus On: Telesat’s Lightspeed Satellites, Constellation, and Purpose

Human Spaceflight: Being Taken for a Ride

Thinking About: SpaceX’s Latest Rideshare Deployments & Starlink Lasers

European Union Space Plans: Why Lead, when It’s Easier to Follow?

Seeing Infrared, Part 3: What Does Nearly $3 Billion Buy?

Seeing Infrared, Part 2: Similar Missions, Similar Capabilities

Seeing Infrared, Part 1: Large, Big, Fat, Juicy Targets

Process, Control, the SDA’s SpaceX Selection

Thousand Islands: Indonesia, the Philippines, & Satellite Communications