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Thanks for the article, John! Lots of good thoughts and as always is a pleasure to read you. I have two questions:

First- Talking about defending space assets. As you said, the capacity to defend (or attack) space infrastructure should be in the USSF capabilities. Do you see any similarity between nuclear forces and space assets? I'm thinking about deterrence and survivability of your assets. Do you think USSF should go that way to protect their assets (deterrence possible attacks rather than actively defending the space assets)? (also another discussion will be the defence, or attack, of ground infrastructure or electromagnetic spectrum which are also part of space systems).

Second- Do you think looking at the creation of the USAF back in the late 40s, early 50 can give us some ideas on what to do or not to do with the USSF?

Thanks again for your article and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my questions.

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