Sitemap - 2020 - Ill-Defined Space

2020 Commercial Global Space Market, Part 2: Profitable, but Not Mature (Yet)

2020 Commercial Global Space Market, Part 1: The Year of Government Dependence

U.S. Rocket Launch Market: Strictly Commercial?

A Grudging Look at National Space Policy

Blue Origin: Old Space in New Space Clothing

Implications of Starship’s 12.5 km Test

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth, Part 3: Products

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth, Part 2

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth--Potential to Help with Government Emergency and Response

Examining Realities in ISS Commercialization

U.S. Space Industry Growth Through U.S. Administrations

Fun with Numbers: China/U.S. Rocket Launches and Other Activities

Tea Leaves, Biden, SLS = U.S. Space Industry Future?

LauncherOne Customers and DoD Wish Fulfillment

Partnerships and Platforms: Thinking about Microsoft’s Azure Space

Back to Virgin Orbit, & the U.S. Army Talks “Starship Troopers”

SpaceX, Propellant Depots, and Rocket Markets

Virgin Orbit--a Year Ago and Now

The Beginning of the End (of Expensive Satellites)?

Looking at the Space Development Agency’s Tracking Layer Selections

OneWeb Update, Scrubbed U.S Launches, What is Reliability?

SpaceBEES, Swarm, IoT, and Orbcomm

OneWeb: Activities, Plans, Impacts

Examining Microsoft’s Azure Orbital

Filling the DoD’s Blind Spot in Cislunar Space

Thoughts About “China’s Space Narrative"

India’s ASAT Stamp; India’s Private Space Sector Efforts

France’s Air & Space Force; SMC’s Market Panel

Yellow Sea Launch Activities; Australian Space Leaders’ Data Aggregated?

Rocket Lab’s Photon: When Launch Isn’t Enough

“Foolish and Dangerous Thinking”

SLS Rising Costs, Mission Assurance Concerns

Risk/Opportunity? It Depends on the Customer and the Company

York Gets SDA Job; Airbus Sees U.S. Government Opportunity

Research/Development, Baidu Maps’ Curious Grey Tiles, and Planet

India, the Pandemic, European Entrepreneurs

Commercial Space Growth--Venture Capital Driven

Government Space Budgets=Industry Priorities (Where’s Commercial?)

Reusability, Waste, and Leverage

Commercial Smallsat Industry / Government Needs

Rocket Lab’s Electron Upgrades and Government Contract Aims

Planet’s Annual Growth, SkySats, and Dependence Tendencies

Rideshare Announcements from NASA and Glavkosmos in Focus

EO Business Models/Government Influence On EO Startups

U.S. Commercial Satellite Communications Observed

Ups and Downs In Brownsville, Texas

Scrying Meaning: Project Kuiper’s FCC Approval/Revealed Investment

SpaceX Mission Accomplished=Good Day

DARPA: Removing Single Points of Failure

Quo Vadis, India? And a Kiwi Space Company

Applications that Use Space Infrastructures

The Challenge for Space Startups

Space Startup Observations

Examining SpaceX’s Smallsat Rideshare Program

Swords, Plowshares & China’s Space Startups